“Wildlife constitutes one of Colorado’s most cherished resources; the Foundation desires to bequeath this resource to those who come after us in a better state than when we came . . . “

-The Founders of the Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation

The Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation (CWHF) was created in 1989, as a result of the Governor’s Task Force “Wildlife 21” which recognized that our abundant and diverse wildlife makes an immense contribution to our economy and the quality of life we enjoy in Colorado. At the same time that wilderness habitats face the greatest threats from development, state funds for preserving wildlife, which have historically come from hunting and fishing license fees, have declined.

CWHF was founded to ensure a wildlife legacy for Colorado through the support of environmental stewardship, conservation of wildlife and the protection of critical habitat. We work closely with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and other state & federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and the public, providing funding and resource support services for wildlife and habitat conservation projects statewide. Our areas of focus include: wildlife conservation and research, habitat restoration and preservation, environmental education and the integration of sustainable human and wildlife land use practices. Through our numerous partnerships, CWHF leverages resources necessary to make a difference for wildlife. Our belief is that we must protect our unique wildlife heritage through a balanced approach: integrating the needs of wildlife, the people and businesses of Colorado to benefit wildlife and the economy now and for the future.

Our wildlife projects focus on:


The Foundation was formed to raise funds to help fill the gap between available funds and wildlife needs.

CWHF Announces the 2014 Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest

 Contest Details

CWHF Announces the 2013 Winners of the Colorado
Waterfowl Stamp Art Contest


The 2013 Colorado Waterfowl Stamp Committee is pleased to announce the following 2013 artists’ winning entries.

1st Place – A Break In The Clouds by Charles Black (Stillwater, Minnesota)

2nd Place – Drifting Bluebills by Richard Clifton (Milford, Delaware)

3rd Place – Greater Scaups by Dale Pousson (Egan, Louisiana)

1st Place: $3,500  -  A Break In The Clouds by Charles Black (Stillwater, Minnesota)

2nd Place: $1,000  -  Drifting Bluebills by Richard Clifton (Milford, Delaware)

3rd Place: $500  -  Greater Scaups by Dale Pousson (Egan, Louisiana)

The seven additional artists included in this year’s top ten finalists are Jeffrey Klinefelter, Guy Crittenden, Susan Hearting, John Brennan, Ron Kleiber, Dan Andrews and Broderick Crawford.
CWHF would like to thank all the artists who have participated in this year’s contest. The winning artwork has been generously donated by the artists, with the proceeds from the sale of these entries being used to benefit the preservation, protection and purchase of critical waterfowl habitat. Thank you also to Werner S. Hobiera, Dan Andrews, James Beman, Liz Cooper and Gina Stenman for generously donating their impressive artwork.
Charles Black’s winning entry, A Break In The Clouds, will be available later this year as a Limited-Edition Fine Art Print Set in our online store.  2013 Mint Stamps, Stamp Sets and Artist-signed Stamps will also be available this spring.