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Mission Statement

” To ensure a wildlife legacy for Colorado through support of environmental stewardship, conservation of wildlife and the protection of critical habitat “



Over 90 percent of Coloradans and millions of visitors go to outdoor areas each year to see wildlife. As our population grows and land gets developed, the natural areas in which animals live shrink daily. Every hour in Colorado, ten acres are developed. That’s equivalent to building a new Denver airport every four months! Fortunately, there’s a way we can all come together to create a bright future for wildlife.

Join with other wildlife enthusiasts and have a positive impact on Colorado’s 960 wildlife species. We use all the tools listed above to raise funds for wildlife projects. Select the option that best suits you. If you have other ideas, go to our “Contact Us” page and tell us about them.

Read about several of our current and past projects we’ve funded to learn how donations are used.

Become a Wildlife Supporter

We have a variety of gift levels to fit within any budget. Perks of being a Wildlife Supporter include being kept up-to-date on current wildlife priorities, sharing in successes, and being invited to special events. Click here to request a packet of information.

Mail-In Donations

To mail in a donation, make your check payable to CWHF, and mail to Colorado Wildlife Heritage Foundation, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO  80216.  If you’d like your donation to be expended in a specific program area, note: species recovery, education, research, habitat preservation or wildlife emergencies on the subject line of your check. If you wish, you may also consider using your checking account’s debit card to make an online donation (below).

Online Donations
Yes, I want to support the wildlife emergency efforts.
Yes, I want to ensure a future for Colorado’s wildlife.
Yes, I want to help restore the lynx to Colorado.
Yes, I want to support wildlife education.
Shop Online

The Foundation is the official distributor of the state’s Collector Waterfowl Habitat Stamps and Prints. In addition, we sell a unique collection of books, videos, t-shirts, mouse pads, bird song identifiers and more. Click here to see everything we have to offer, and check back often as we add new Colorado products regularly. A portion of every sale goes to support wildlife projects.

Workplace Giving

Every dollar makes a difference, and giving through payroll deductions is easy and convenient. Begin by asking your employer if they are a part of the Colorado Combined Campaign, the Combined Federal Campaign or Community Shares of Colorado. If they are, request forms from your payroll department and complete using the appropriate identification number as noted below: The Colorado Combined Campaign #5028 The Combined Federal Campaign #8022 Community Shares Colorado #5010 If your employer is not yet participating in a workplace giving program but you’d like them start one, click here to request that your employer be contacted about starting a program. We’ll take it from there.

Planned Giving

Bequests, life insurance, living trusts, living memorials, real estate or retirement plan gifts are all a part of planned giving. If you’d like to be contacted about planned giving, click here and we will get in touch with you to discuss.


You can volunteer for many types of projects or events that benefit Colorado wildlife and at the same time add to you resume! Most volunteer opportunities are office based, such as data entry, filling product orders and writing correspondence. Other opportunities involve staffing our booth at events such as the Sportmen’s Show and Expo each January.  Click here to request a volunteer application be mailed to you.